Ido–English dictionary

a to
abado abbot, abbess
abandonar abandon
abasar lower, debase (morally)
abatar knock, strike down, fell
abelo bee
abismo abyss
abolisar abolish
abonar subscribe
abordar land (ashore), board (a ship)
abortar abort
aboyar bark, bay (of animals)
abreviar abbreviate
abrikoto apricot
absenta absent
absoluta absolute
absolvar absolve
absorbar absorb
abstenar abstain
abstrakta abstract
absurda absurd
abundar abound, be abundant, plentiful
acelerar to accelerate (tr)
acendar light (a lamp) (tr), kindle (a fire), turn on (electric light)
acensar ascend, go up
acento accent: stress of voice
aceptar accept
acerba acerbic, harsh, bitter (also fig)
acesar access, have access to
acido acid
acidentar cause an accident
aciono share (financial)
adaptar to adapt (tr)
ad to (before vowel)
aden into
adepto adept
adequata adequate
adherar adhere, adhere to
adiar say goodbye, bid farewell
adicionar add (arithmetic)
adjacar be adjacent to
adjektivo adjective
adjudikar adjudicate, adjudge
adjuntar adjoin, add to
admaxime at most
adminime at least
administrar administrate
admirar admire
admisar admit (someone into a society)
adoptar adopt
adorar worship, adore, idolize
adportar bring
adreso address
adulta adult
adverbo adverb
advere indeed, it is true, to be sure
advokar call, call to, hail
advokato advocate, barrister (who pleads in court)
aero air
afabla kind, amiable, affable
afecionar have affection for, be affectionate
afektar affect, move, touch (emotionally)
afektacar pose, make an artificial show, act in an affected manner
afero affair, business, matter, concern
afgano Afghan
Afganistan Afghanistan
afina having an affinity (with)
afirmar affirm
afisho poster, bill
afixo affix
afrankar frank, prepay postage on letters
Afrika Africa
afrontar face, affront
agar act, do
agendo agenda
agitar agitate, shake
aglo eagle
aglutinar stick (tr) (as with glue), agglutinate
agnoskar acknowledge, recognize
agosto August
agro field: piece of ground
agrafo hook, clasp
agreabla pleasant, agreeable
agulo needle, point (on a railway line)
ajila agile, nimble
ajornar put off, adjourn
ajustar adjust, regulate, set
akademio academy
aklamar acclaim
aklimatar acclimatize (tr)
akompanar accompany
akordar be in tune, in accordance
akra acrid, harsh
akrochar hang (on a hook)
aktiva active
aktoro actor, actress (-ul/in)
aktuala of the present time (NB not “actual”)
akumular accumulate
akurata punctual (NB not “accurate”)
akuta sharp, acute
akuzar accuse
akuzativo accusative
al = a(d) la
alo wing
alarmar sound the alarm, give signal of danger
Albania Albania
albergo inn
albumo album
aleo lane, walk, path
alegar allege
alejar relieve, alleviate, lighten
alergio allergy
alerta alert
alfabeto alfabet
algebro algebra
alio garlic
alias (adv) alias
alimentar supply with necessary provisions
aliniar align
Aljeria Algeria
alkoholo alcohol
alonge along
Alpi Alps
alta high, tall
alterar alter, modify (generally for the worse)
alternar to alternate (intr)
alternativo alternative
altitudo altitude: height above sea level
altra other
alumeto match (fire)
aluminio aluminium
amar like, love (a person)
amansar tame, make docile, sociable (animals and persons)
amaso heap, pile, mass
amatoro amateur
amba both
ambasado embassy
ambiciar be ambitious
ambigua ambiguous
ambulanco ambulance
amendo fine, penalty
Amerika America
amfibia amphibious
amiko friend
amilo starch
amorar love
ampla ample, full
amuzar amuse
an at, on (contiguity)
anado duck
anagramo anagram
analizar analyze
analoga analogous
ananaso pineapple
anarkio anarchy
anatomio anatomy
ancestro ancestor
anciena ancient, old
angla English, Anglia England
angorar be in anguish
angulo angle, corner
animar animate
animalo animal
aniversario anniversary
anjelo angel
anke also
ankore still, yet
anmo soul
anonima anonymous
anso handle
antarktika antarctic
ante before (in time)
antibiotiko antibiotic
anticipar anticipate
antidoto antidote
antipatiar have antipathy for
antiqua antique, of a former epoch
antisepsiar antisepticize
antologio anthology
anular annul
anuncar announce
aparar appear
aparato apparatus, appliance
aparta apart, separate, aside, particular
apartamento apartment, flat
apartenar belong to
apendico appendix
apene hardly, scarcely
apertar open (tr)
apetitar have an appetite (for)
aplastar crush, squeeze, squash
aplaudar applaud
aplikar apply
apogar prop up, support
apoteko chemist's shop, drugstore (US), pharmacy
apreciar appreciate
aprentiso apprentice
aprilo April
aprobar approve (of)
aproximar estimate
apta apt, suitable, fit, appropriate
apud next to, beside
apuntar point, take aim at
aquo water
aquirar acquire
araba Arabian, Arabia Arabia
arachar pull or drag out, tear out
araneo spider
aranjar arrange
arbitrio free will
arboro tree
arbusto bush, shrub
areo area: extent of surface
areno arena, ring
arestar arrest
argumentar argue
aritmetiko arithmetic
arivar arrive
arjenta silver
Arjentinia Argentina
arko arch, arc
arkeologo archeologist, arkeologio archeology
arkitekto architect
arkitekturo architecture
arkivo archive
arktika arctic
armo arm: weapon
armeo army
Armenia Armenia
armoro cupboard
arogar arrogate (something to oneself)
arozar moisten, wet (with any liquid)
arto art
artifico artifice
artiklo article
asaltar assault
asasinar assassinate
asekurar insure, underwrite (against loss)
asemblar assemble (tr)
asertar assert
asistar attend, be present at
askoltar listen, listen to
asno donkey, ass
asociar to associate (tr)
aspektar appear, look like, seem (to be)
aspera rough, uneven
aspirar inhale, draw in
aspirino aspirin
asterisko asterisk
asteroido asteroid
astmo asthma
astonar astonish
astro star: any heavenly body
astrologo astrologer, astrologio astrology
astronomo astronomer, astronomio astronomy
asumar assume (a task), take upon oneself
atachar attach
atakar attack
ateismo atheism
ateliero workshop, studio
atencar pay attention to
atentar make a criminal attempt
atestar attest: certify, bear witness to
atingar attain, reach
atitudo attitude
Atlantiko Atlantic
atlaso atlas
atleto athlete
atmosfero atmosphere
atomo atom
atraktar attract
atrapar entrap, take in, trick, hoax, dupe
atribuar assign, give, bestow, allocate
aturdar stun
audar hear
audacar dare, venture
audienco audience
augmentar augment, increase, enlarge
austera austere
Australia Australia
Austria Austria
autentika authentic, genuine
autobiografio autobiography
autobuso bus
automobilo car, automobile
autonoma autonomous
autoro author
autoritato authority
autuno autumn, fall
auxiliara auxiliary
avo grandparent (-ul/in)
avan in front of
avancar advance, go forward
avantajo advantage
avara avaricious, miserly, mean, greedy
avelano hazelnut
aveno oats
aventurar adventure
avenuo avenue
avertar give notice, apprise, caution, warn, advertize
aviacar aviate
avida avid, greedy, craving, eager
aviono aeroplane
avizar apprise, advise, give notice of
axiomo axiom
aziana Asian, Azia Asia
bagajo baggage, luggage
bagatelo trifle, trash, bagatelle
bakar bake
bakterio bacterium
balanco scales, balance
balayar sweep
balde soon
baleno whale
baleto ballet
balnar bathe
balono any ball or sphere filled with air, balloon
banano banana
bando band, group, company, crew
bandajo bandage
banero banner
banko bank
barar bar, block
barbo beard
barbara barbarian, barbarous
barelo barrel
basa low
bastono stick, staff, cane
batar beat, strike repeatedly
bataliar battle
batelo boat, barge, launch
baterio battery
bayo bay
bazo base
bedo bed (for flowers)
beja beige
bela beautiful
belga Belgian, Belgia Belgium
bendo band, long narrow piece of cloth, paper, metal
benko bench
bero berry
bestio beast
bezonar need
biblo Bible
bibliografio bibliography
biblioteko library
biciklo bicycle
bidono can (for oil), canteen (military)
bigota bigoted
bilanco balance(-sheet) (financial)
bilieto ticket, banko- banknote
biliono billion (NB: a million millions)
bindar bind
binoklo (pair of) binoculars
biografio biography
biologio biology
biro beer
bisquito biscuit, US cookie
bitra bitter
blamar blame
blanka white
blinda blind
bloko block
blonda blond
blua blue
boko mouth
bolo bowl
boliar (intr) to boil
Bolivia Bolivia
bombo bomb
bona good
bordo border, edge, brim
borso bourse, stock exchange
bosko small wood
boto boot
botelo bottle
bovo cow, bull (-ul/in)
brakio arm
bramar bray, bleat, neigh
brancho branch
brava brave
Brazilia Brazil
brecho breach, gap
briko brick
brilar shine
Britania Great Britain
brizo breeze
brokantar deal in second-hand goods
bronzo bronze
brosar brush
brovo brow
bruisar make a noise
brular (tr, intr) to burn
bruna brown
budjeto budget
bufeto buffet
bujio candle
buklo buckle
bukmakero bookmaker
bulo ball (solid)
buletino bulletin
Bulgaria Bulgaria
burokrato bureaucrat
burso purse, wallet
butiko shop, store, boutique
butono button
butro butter
buxo box
ca this
cedar cede, yield
celar hide, conceal
celebrar celebrate
celulo cell
cemento cement
ceno scene
cento one hundred
centigrado centigrade
centimetro centimetre
centro centre
cerealo cereal
cerebro brain
ceremonio ceremony
cerizo cherry
certa certain, sure
certena certain (one(s) that we do not care to mention)
certifikar certify
cervo deer, stag (-ul/in)
cesar cease
cetero the rest, remaining, e(d) cetere et cetera
chagrenar grieve, have sorrow
chambro room, chamber
champanio champagne
champiniono mushroom
championo champion
chanco chance
chanjar change
chapelo hat
chapitro chapter
charioto goods van, truck
charjar load, burden
charmar charm
chasar chase, hunt
che at, in the house of
chefo chief
cheko cheque
Cheko Czech, Cheko-Slovakia Czechoslovakia, Chekia Czech Republic
chera expensive
cherpar draw liquids, take, borrow
chifrar write in secret cipher
chika chic
Chili Chile, chiliana Chilian
chimpanzeo chimpanzee
chiniana Chinese, Chinia China
chipa cheap, inexpensive
Chipro Cyprus
chokolado chocolate
chomar be out of work
choseo roadway, causeway
cidro cider
cielo sky, heaven
cienco science
cifro digit
cigano gipsy
cigno swan, -yuno cygnet
ciklo cycle
cilindro cylinder
cindro ashes, cinders
cinemo cinema
cinematografar show films
ciniko cynic
cirklo circle
cirkondar surround
cirkonflexa circumflex
cirkonstanco circumstance
cirkulero circular (letter, notice)
cirkum(e) around, about
cis on this side of
citar cite, quote
citrono lime
civila civil
civilizar civilize
cizo (pair of) scissors
co this (thing)
da by (agent)
dal = da la
damo lady, married or widowed woman
damnar damn
damzelo young lady, damsel, unmarried woman, spinster
dana Danish, Dania Denmark
danjero danger
dankar thank
dansar dance
darfar can, may, to be allowed to, have permission or right to
dato date
dativo dative
de from, of (partitive)
deo god
debar owe, be in debt to
debatar debate
decar be decent, correct, proper
decembro December
decensar descend, go down
deceptar disappoint (NB not “deceive”)
dechifrar decipher
decidar decide
decimala decimal
deduktar deduce, infer
defekto defect
defensar defend
definar define
definitiva definitive
deformar deform
degnar deign, condescend
dejunar have breakfast
dek ten
dekadar decay, be in a state of decline
deklarar declare
dekorar decorate
dekretar decree
del = de la
delegar delegate
delegaciono delegation
delektar (tr) to delight
delfino dolphin
deliberar deliberate
delicio delight
delikata delicate
deliktar commit a criminal offence
demandar ask for (NB not “demand”)
dementiar give the lie to, to deny flatly
demisionar resign
demokrata democratic
demokratio democracy
demolisar demolish
demonstrar demonstrate
densa dense, compact
dento tooth
departar depart, leave
dependar (ye) to depend (on)
depozar deposit
depresar depress
deputar deputize
derivar derive
desegnar draw, design
deskovrar uncover, discover
deskriptar describe
destinar destine
destruktar destroy
detalo detail
detektivo detective
determinar determine
detrimentar be detrimental to
devar should, have a duty or obligation to
devancar overtake
devastar devastate
developar (tr) to develop
devizo device, emblem
devota devoted
dextra right(-hand)
dezerta deserted
dezinenco word ending, suffix
dezirar desire, want, wish for
di of
dio day
diablo devil
diafana transparent, see-through
diagnozar diagnoze
diagonala diagonal
diagramo diagram
diakritika diacritic
dialekto dialect
dialogar have a dialogue, engage in dialogue
diamanto diamond
diametro diameter
dicar say, tell
dicernar discern, discriminate, tell apart
dicionario dictionary
diciplinar discipline
dicipulo disciple
dieto diet
diferar differ
diftongo diphthong
difuzar (tr) to diffuse, spread
digestar digest
digna worthy, meriting, deserving
digramo digraph
dika thick
diktatoro dictator
dil = di la
dilemo dilemma
diletar be an amateur at
diligenta diligent
dilutar dilute
diluvio deluge, flood
dimensiono dimension
dina thin
dinamito dynamite
dinastio dynasty
dindo turkey
dinear dine, have dinner
dinosaurio dinosaur
diplomaco diplomacy
direciono direction
direktar direct
direta direct
disertar dissertate
disho dish (of food)
disidenta dissident
disipar dissipate
disko disc
diskreta discrete
diskursar make a speech, deliver a discourse
diskutar discuss
dispensar exempt, excuse from, spare (someone a task)
dispersar (tr) to disperse
disponar have at one's disposal
disputar dispute
dissolvar dissolve
distar be distant from
distilar distill
distingar distinguish, set apart
distinta distinct
distraktar distract
distributar distribute
distrikto district
ditreso distress
divenar become
divergar diverge
diversa diverse, various, varied
dividar (tr) to divide
divinar guess, divine
divorco divorce
divulgar divulge
dizastro disaster
do so, therefore
docar teach
dogano customs (at port)
dogmato dogma
doko dock
doktoro doctor
doktrino doctrine
dokumento document
dolca sweet, pleasing to the taste
dolorar feel pain
domo house
domajar damage
domeno domain, estate
domestika domestic
dominacar dominate
domtar tame, subdue, subjugate
donar give
donacar donate
dop behind
dormar sleep
dorno thorn
dorso back
dotar endow, furnish a dowry
dozo dose
drako dragon
dramato drama
drapo (woolen) cloth
drastika drastic
drenar drain
driftar drift
drilo drill handle, holder
drinkar drink
drogo drug
drola funny, humorous, droll
dronar (tr) to drown
du two
dubitar doubt
duko duke, duchess (-ul/in)
duktar lead
dum during
duno dune
dungo dung
duplikato duplicate
durar last, endure, continue
durstar thirst
dushar shower
e and
ebria drunk(en), intoxicated
e c (ed cetere) etc., et cetera
ecelar excel
eceptar except
ecesar exceed
ecitar excite
ed (e) and
edifico edifice, large building
editar publish
edro face, outer surface
edukar educate
efacar delete, erase, efface
efekto effect
efervecar effervesce
eficienta efficient
efikar be effective
egala equal
egarar mislay, lose (temporarily)
egardar regard, pay heed to, take into account
Egiptia Egypt
eglefino haddock
egotisto egotist
ejektar eject
ek out of
eko echo
eklezio church (organization, not building)
ekmigrar emigrate
ekologio ecology
ekonomio economy
ekonomiko economics
ekpulsar expel
eksekrecar excrete
el(u) she, her
elaborar elaborate
elastika elastic
elefanto elephant
eleganta elegant
elektar elect
elektro electricity
elektrono electron
elektroniko electronics
elektrotekniko electrical engineering
elemento element
elevar elevate, lift
elevatoro lift, elevator
eliminar eliminate
elizionar elide
eludar elude
emo aim, goal, purpose
emanar emanate
embarasar embarrass
embargar place an embargo on
embarkar embark
embracar embrace
emendar emend, rectify
emerita emeritus
emersar emerge
emfazar emphasize
eminenta eminent
emisar emit
emocar (intr) to feel emotion, be moved (emotionally)
empiriko empiricism
employar employ
emundar lop, prune, trim
en in
enciklopedio encyclopedia
enemiko enemy
energio energy
enigmato enigma, mystery, puzzle
enirar enter, go into
enmenajar move (into) (a house)
enmigrar immigrate
enorma enormous
enoyar (intr) to be bored, weary
ensemblo set, ensemble, aggregate
ento being, entity
entamar cut the first piece of, make the first cut in, (fig)
begin upon, start upon
entraprezar undertake
entravar shackle, fetter, trammel (a horse), (fig) to impede
entuziasmar be enthusiastic (for)
enuncar enunciate
envelopar envelop, cover up
envidiar envy, be envious
envolvar wrap, fold up in
enzimo enzyme
eono eon
epidemia epidemic
epika epic
epilepsio epilepsy
episkopo bishop (also in chess)
epiteto epithet
epizodo episode
epoko epoch
equaciono equation
Equador Ecuador
equatoro equator
equilibrar be in equilibrium, in balance
equipar equip
equivalar be equivalent (to)
ero era
erektar erect
eriko heather
erodar erode
erorar err, be in error
erotika erotic
erste not before, not earlier than
erudar make erudite
eruptar erupt
es abbr of esas
esar be
esayo essay
esenco essence
esforcar try, make efforts
eskalero staircase
eskapar escape
eskartar put aside, go aside, apart
eskombro rubbish, refuse, trash, garbage
eskorto escort
esotera esoteric
espado sword
espelar spell
esperar hope
esprito wit, cleverness
espruva proof, eg aquespruva waterproof
esto east
establisar establish
estimar esteem, hold in high regard
Estonia Estonia
estuario estuary
esvanar faint, swoon
etajo floor, storey (of a building)
etato statement (account)
eterna eternal
etiko ethics
etiketo label
etimologio etymology
Etiopia Ethiopia
etuyo case, flat box
eufonio euphony
Europa Europe
evar be so and so old
evakuar evacuate (NB not a container)
evaluar evaluate
eventar happen, take place
eventuala eventual, dependent upon events, contingent
evidenta evident
eviero sink (in kitchen)
eviktar evict
evitar avoid
evolucionar evolve
exajerar exaggerate
exakta exact
examenar examine
exasperar exasperate
exekutar execute
exemplo example
exemplero sample, example item
exerco exercise
exhaustar exhaust
exilar exile
existar exist
exkluzar exclude
exkursar make an excursion
exkuzar excuse, pardon
exotika exotic
expansar (tr, intr) to expand
expediar dispatch, send off
expediciono expedition
expektar expect
experiencar experience
experimentar experiment
experta expert
expirar expire
explikar explain
explorar explore, research
explotar exploit
explozar explode
exportacar export
expozar expose, set in public view
expresar express
extensar extend
exter outside
exterminar exterminate
extingar extinguish, put out, quench
extra (adv) extra
extraktar extract
extraordinara extraordinary
extravagar be extravagant
extrema extreme
fabo bean
fabrikar manufacture
facar do, make
facio front part or view of anything
facila easy
facinar fascinate
fairo fire
fako division, compartment, department
fakto fact
fakturo bill, invoice
fakultato faculty, power of doing anything, (in university) faculty
falar fall
falchar mow down, cut down
faldar fold
faleno moth
faliar fail
falkono falcon
falsa false
famo fame
familio family
familiara familiar
famino famine
fanatika fanatic
fanfaronar boast, bluster
fango mud
fantastika fantastic
fantomo phantom, ghost, spectre, apparition
faro lighthouse
farbo paint
fardo face or body paint, make-up
farino flour
farmar farm (land taken on lease)
fasado facade
fasko bundle
fasonar fashion, shape
fato fate
fatigar tire
favorar favour
fazo phase
feo fairy
febla feeble, weak
febrar have a fever
februaro February
federar federate
feko feces, excrement
fekunda prolific
feldo field (electric, magnetic, optical, scientific)
felica happy
feno hay
fenco fence
fendar split, slit, cleave
fenestro window
fenomeno phenomenon
fero iron
ferio fair (market)
ferma firm
fermentacar ferment
feroca ferocious, fierce
fertila fertile
fervorar be fervent (for)
fervoyo railway
festar observe a holiday
festinar feast
fiancar betroth, pledge in marriage
fiasko fiasco
fibro fibre
fidar trust, put one's trust in
fidela faithful, true, trusty
fiera proud
figuro figure
fiktiva fictional, fictitious
filo thread
filatelio philately, stamp collecting
filio son, daughter (-ul/in)
Filipini The Philippines
filmo film
filologo philologist, filologio philology
filozofo philosopher, filozofiar to philosophize
filtrar filter
finar finish, end
financo finance
fingro finger
finita finite
Finlando Finland
firmo firm, company
fisho fish
fitar fit, suit
fixa fixed
fiziko physics
flago flag
flakono flask
flamo flame
Flandria Flanders
flanko side (of body), flank
flarar smell
flatar flatter
flava yellow
flecho arrow
flegar nurse, care for
flexar flex, bend
flexiono flexion (grammar)
flirtar flirt
floko flake
floro flower
florkaulo cauliflower
floto fleet
flotacar float
fluar flow
flugar fly
fluida fluid
fluktuar fluctuate
fluorecar fluoresce
fluro staircase landing
fluto flute
fluvio (large) river
fluxo high tide, flood tide
foko focus
fola mad, foolish
folio leaf, sheet
folkloro folklore
fondar found
fonetiko phonetics
fonografar record on a phonograph
fonto source
fonteno fountain
for far from, away from
forco force
foresto forest
forjetar throw away
forko fork
formo form
formacar form
formato format
formulo formula
formulario form (to fill in)
forno oven
forsar force
forsan perhaps, maybe
forta strong
fortuno (good) fortune, luck
forumo forum
foso hole, pit, cavity
fosilo fossil
fosto ditch, trench
fotelo armchair
fotografar photograph
foxo fox
foyo time, occasion, kelkafoye sometimes
fraciono fraction
frago strawberry
fragmento fragment
frajila fragile
frakasar break to pieces, shatter, smash
frambo raspberry
franca French, Francia France
frapar knock, strike, hit
frato brother, sister (-ul/in)
fraudar defraud, cheat
frazo sentence, phrase
freno brake
frenezio frenzy
frequa frequent
frequentar frequent
fresha fresh
fricionar rub, causing friction
fripona roguish, rascally
fritar fry
frivola frivolous
fromajo cheese
fronto front, forehead
frontiero frontier, border
frostar freeze
frotar rub, scrub, shine up
frua early
frukto fruit
frumento wheat
frustrar frustrate
fugar flee, run away
fulminar lighten
fumar smoke
funcionar function, work
fundo bottom, lowest part, base
fundamento foundation
funero funeral
funesta disastrous, distressing, pernicious
fungo fungus
furo fur
furiar be furious, very angry
furnelo stove
furnisar furnish
furtar steal
fushar bungle, botch
fusilo gun, rifle
futbalo football
futura future
fuzar fuse
gajo pledge, pawn, deposit
gala gala
galerio gallery
galopar gallop
gambo leg
gambitar trip up
ganar gain, win, earn
ganso goose
ganto glove
gapar gape, to be agape
garantiar guarantee
gardar guard
gardeno garden
garnisar garnish
garsono waiter
gaso gas
gasto guest
gaya gay, lively, merry, cheerful
gazolino gasoline
gelto commission, percentage on sales, bonus
gemo gem
genealogio genealogy
genero genus
generaciono generation
generalo general (military)
genio genius
genitar breed, generate, procreate
genitiva genitive
genitori parents
genro gender (grammatical)
genuo knee
geografo geographer, geografio geography
geologo geologer, geologio geology
geometrio geometry
germana German, Germania Germany
gestar gesticulate, gesture
gibo bump, hump, knob
giganta giant, gigantic
gimnastikar do gymnastics
gimnazio gymnasium; classical preparatory school
gitaro guitar
glacio ice
glaciero glacier
glaso glass (drinking)
glata smooth
glavo sword
glitar glide, slide
globo globe
glorio glory
glosario glossary
gluo glue
glutar swallow, gulp
glutinar stick, fasten or be fastened by adhesion
golfo gulf
gorilo gorilla
grabar engrave
gracio grace, gracefulness, elegance
grado degree, grade
grafika graphic
gramo gram(me)
gramatiko grammar
grano grain (of sand)
granda big, large, grand
grandioza grandiose
grantar grant, allow
grapo cluster, bunch, a number of fruits or flowers growing on a
common stalk
graso fat, grease
gratar scratch, claw
gratitudar be grateful
gratuita free, gratis
gratular congratulate
grava grave, serious
gravio gravel
gravida pregnant
gravitar gravitate
greka Greek, Grekia Greece
grelar hail (rain hailstones)
gremio lap (of a sitting person)
Grenlando Greenland
grilar grill
grimasar grimace
grincar gnash, grind, grate
grindar grind, rough down
gripo grip(pe), influenza
griza grey
grondar roar, rumble
grosa thick and long
grosiera coarse, rude, boorish
groteska grotesque
grupo group
Guatemala Guatemala
guidar guide
gumo gum
gurmando gourmand, one fond of good living
gustar taste
guto drop (of liquid)
guturo throat, gullet
guvernar govern, guvernerio government
habila clever, skillful
habitar live (in), inhabit (permanently)
Haiti Haiti
halo hall
haltar (intr) to halt, stop
halucinar hallucinate
hamstro hamster
hano hen, cock (-ul/in)
haro a single hair
harda hard
harmoniar be in harmony
harpo harp
hastar hasten, make haste
haular haul, heave
havar have
Havayi Hawaii
hazardo hazard, luck, chance
hebrea Hebrew
hego hedge(row)
helio* helium
helikoptero helicopter
helmo helmet
helpar help
hemo home
hepato liver
hepatito hepatitis
herbivora herbivorous
herbo grass, herb, any plant which does not have a woody stem
herdo hearth, fireplace
heredar inherit
herezio heresy
herisono hedgehog
heroo hero
herono heron
heterosexuala heterosexual
hexagono* hexagon
hezitar hesitate
hibrida hybrid
hidrogeno hydrogen
hieno hyena
hiere yesterday
hierarkio hierarchy
hieroglifo hieroglyph
higieno hygiene
hike here
himno hymn
hinduo Hindu
hipnotar hypnotize
hipokrita hypocritical
hipapotamo hippopotamous
hipotezo hypothesis
hisar hoist, raise, haul up
hispana Spanish, Hispania Spain
histerio hysteria
historio history
hibernar hibernate
hobio hobby
hodie today
hoko hook
homo human being, person, man or woman
homajar pay homage to
homardo lobster
homeosexuala homosexual
homogena homogeneous
honesta honest
honoro honour
horo hour
hordeo barley
horizonto horizon
horlojo clock
hormono hormone
hororar have a horror of
horoskopo horoscope
hospico hospice
hospitalo hospital
hosto host
hotelo hotel
huo owl
hufo hoof
humana humane
humida humid, wet, damp, moist
humila humble
humoro mood, temper, disposition
humuro humour
hundo dog
Hungaria Hungary
hungrar hunger for, be hungry
ibe there
ica this
ideo idea
identa identical
ideologio ideology
idiomo idiom, language of a people
idiota idiotic
idiotismo idiom, idiotism
idolo idol
igar make, cause to (be)
ignorar ignore
ikono icon
il(u) he
iliterata illiterate
iluminar illuminate
ilustrar illustrate
iluzionar illusion
imaginar imagine
imajo image
imbecila imbecile, weak-minded
imensa immense
imersar immerse
imitar imitate
imoblo immovables, realty, real estate
impedar impede
imperar order, direct, command
imperativo imperative
imperfekto imperfect (grammar)
imperio empire
impertinenta impertinent
impetuo impetuousness
implicita implicit
implikar imply
importar be important, matter
importacar import
impostar tax
impotenta impotent
impozar impose
impresar impress
impresiono an impressionist work
imprimar print
improvizar improvize
impulsar impel, give impulse to
imputar impute, ascribe
imuna immune
inata innate
inaugurar inaugurate
incendiar set fire to, burn down
incidar impinge upon, fall upon or affect
incidenta incidental
incitar incite
incizar cut into
indemno indemnity, recompense
indexo index
India India
indiferenta indifferent
indignar be indignant
indijar be in need of
indijena indigenous
indikar indicate
indikativo indicative (grammar)
indikatoro indicator, gauge
individuo individual
indolenta indolent, slothful, lazy
induktar induce, to infer by induction
indulgar be indulgent to, make allowance for
industrio industry
indutar coat, paint
inerta inert
infalibla infallible, not liable to fail, deceive or disappoint
infama infamous
infanto infant, young child
infektar infect
inflexar inflect
influar influence
influenzo influenza
informar inform
infre down, below
infuzar infuse
ingestar ingest
ingrediento ingredient
inhalar inhale
inherar be inherent in
inhibar inhibit
iniciar initiate
injektar inject
injeniar exercise one's wits
injenioro engineer
inko ink
inklinar incline, lean, slope, lean towards
inkluzar include
inkombrar encumber, obstruct
inkubo nightmare
inocenta innocent
inquestar make an inquiry into, investigate, enquire
insekto insect
insertar insert
insigno badge, sign, insignia
insinuar insinuate
insistar insist
inspektar inspect
inspirar inspire
instanto instant, moment
instigar instigate
instinto instinct
institucar institute
instituto institute
instrucioni instructions
instruktar instruct
instrumento instrument
insulo island
insultar insult
integra integral, whole, entire
intelektar understand, comprehend, know by the intellect alone
inteligenta intelligent
intencar intend, mean
intensa intense
inter between
interakto interlude, interval between acts
interceptar intercept
interdiktar prohibit, forbid
interesar interest
interesto interest (financial)
interferar interfere
interimo interim, time intervening
interjeciono interjection
interkonsento mutual agreement, understanding
interna internal
internaciona international
interogativa interrogative (grammar)
interpretar interpret
interruptar interrupt
intersekar intersect
intertempo meantime, interval
intervenar intervene
interviuvo interview
intestino intestine
intima intimate
intrigar intrigue, contrive by secret artifice
intrinseka intrinsic
introduktar introduce
introverto introvert
intruzar intrude
inundar inundate
invadar invade
invalida invalid: infirm, disabled
inventar invent
inversa inverse
invitar invite
ipsa self (myself, yourself, themselves)
irar go
iracar (intr) to be angry, cross
iradiar irradiate
irga any (at all)
irigacar irrigate
iritar irritate
Irlando Ireland
ironio irony
islamo Islam
Islando Iceland
ita that
Italia Italy
iterar iterate, repeat
itinerario itinerary
ivoro ivory
izobaro isobar
izolar isolate
ja already
jacar lie
jaketo jacket
jaluza jealous
Jamaika Jamaica
januaro January
Japonia Japan
jaro jar
jargonar jargon
javelino javelin
jeleo jelly
jemar groan, moan
jemela twin
jenar hinder movement, constrain, hinder from doing something
jeneroza generous
jenjivo gum
jenro genre
jentila gentile, courteous, civil
jerar manage, direct
jerzeo jersey, sweater
Jesu Jesus
jetar throw
jino gin
jinjero ginger
jirar turn about, girate
jirafo giraffe
jokar joke
jonglar juggle
jorno day (as opposed to night)
jovdio Thursday
joyar be joyful, delighted, glad
juar enjoy
jubilear celebrate a jubilee
judo Jew
judiciar judge officially, legally
judikar judge
julio July
junglo jungle
junio June
juntar join
jupo skirt
jurar swear, give one's oath
jurio jury
jurnalo journal, newspaper, gazette
jus just, just now, a short time ago
justa right, correct, well-grounded, exact, proper
justifikar justify
juvelo jewel
ka(d) question word (used to turn a statement into a question)
kabo cape (geographical)
kabano cabin, hut
kabino cabin (as on a ship)
kablo cable
kad see ka(d)
kadavro cadaver, corpse, dead body
kadro frame
kafeo coffee
kafeino caffeine
kaito kite
kajo cage
kakar defecate
kakao cocoa
kakofonio cacophony
kaktuso cactus
kalamitato calamity
kalcio calcium
kaldiero boiler
kalemburo pun, play on words
kalendario calendar
kalidoskopo kaleidoscope
Kalifornia California
kalkular calculate, compute
kalma calm, quiet, still, placid
kalmaro squid
kaloro heat
kalorio calory
kalumniar calumniate
kalva bald, having little hair
kalzo stocking, hose
kam than, as, to (in comparisons)
kamarado comrade, mate
kambiar exchange
kamelo camel
kameno chimney
kamero camera
kamiono truck, lorry
kamizo shirt, blouse
kampar camp
kampaniar campaign
Kanada Canada
kanalo canal
kanapeo sofa
kanario canary
kancelero chancellor
kancero cancer
kande when
kandelo candle
kandida candid, frank
kandidato candidate
kanelo channel
kanguruo kangaroo
kanibala cannibal
kanoo canoe
kanono cannon
kansono song, ballad, carol
kantar sing
kantino canteen
kanvaso canvas
kaoso chaos
kapo head
kapabla capable, able
kapaca capacious, able to hold (such and such a quantity)
kapelo chapel
kapitalo capital (financial)
kapoto overcoat, storm or heavy coat
kapro goat
kaprico caprice, whim, fancy
kapsulo capsule
kaptar capture, catch, snatch
kapuco hood
kara dear
karaktero character
karamelo caramel
karavano caravan
karbo carbon
karbono coal
karcero prison, jail
karear do without, dispense with
karelo slab, tile
karezar caress
kargar load (goods)
kariero career
karitato charity
karmezino crimson
karno meat
karnavalo carnival
karoto carrot
karpo carp
karpentar do carpenter's work
karto card
kartocho cartridge
kartografio cartography
kartono cardboard
kaso coffer, till, cash-box, treasury
kasiso blackcurrant
kasrolo saucepan
kastelo castle
kastrar castrate
kato cat
katologo catalogue
kataro a cold, catarrh
katastrofo catastrophe
katedralo cathedral
kategorio category
kateno chain
katolika catholic
kauchuko rubber
kauciono bail, security
kaudo tail
kaulo cabbage
kauzo cause
kava hollow, sunken
kavalo horse
kavaliero knight
kavalkar ride (as on a horse)
kavalrio cavalry
kaverno cavern
kayo quay, platform
kayero exercise book
kazo case, instance
kazuala contingent
ke that (conjunction)
kelero cellar
kelka some, a few
kemio chemistry
kerlo fellow, chap
kesto chest, box, packing case
kidnapar kidnap
kilogramo kilogram
kilometro kilometer
kilowato kilowatt
kimero chimera
kin five
kiosko kiosk, news stand
kirko church
kirurgio surgery
kisar kiss
klado first or rough draft
klakar clap
klamar shout, exclaim
klara clear
klarineto clarinet
klaso class
klasifikar classify
klasika classic(al)
klauno clown
klauzo clause, stipulation (as in a contract)
klavo key (keyboard)
klefo key
klemar press closely together
klementa clement, merciful, lenient
kliento client
kliktar (intr) to click, clank, clash, clatter
klimar climb
klimato climate
kliniko clinic
kloko hour of the day, o'clock
kloro chlorine
klosho bell
klovo (metal) nail
klozar close, shut
klubo club
koaktar coerce
kodexo code
koeficiento coefficient
kofro trunk, coffer, chest
koherar cohere
koincidar coincide
kokaino cocaine
kokoso coconut
kolo neck
kolacionar collate
kolaterala collateral
kolda cold
kolego colleague
kolegio college
kolektar collect
kolektivisto collectivist
kolesterolo cholesterol
koliar gather, pluck
kolino hill
kolizionar collide
kolmo highest part, top
kolombo dove, pigeon
kolonelo colonel
kolonio colony
koloro colour
Kolumbia Colombia
kolumno column (of a page)
koluzionar collude, conspire
kom as, as being, in the capacity, role of
komo comma
komandar command
kombatar fight, combat
kombinar combine
kombustar burn
komedio comedy
komencar start, commence
komendar order (goods)
komentar comment
komercar trade, traffic
kometo comet
komforto comfort
komika comic, ludicrous, funny, laughable
komisar commision
komitato committee
komoda convenient, commodious
komodo commode, chest of drawers, bureau
kompakta compact
kompano companion
kompanio company
komparar compare
komparativo comparative
kompaso (pair of) compass(es)
kompatar pity, have compassion for
kompensar compensate, counterbalance, make up for
kompetenta competent
kompilar compile
komplemento complement
kompleta complete
komplexa complex
komplezar please, gratify, humour, be obliging
komplica party, privy, accessory to
komplikar complicate
komplimentar compliment, pay compliments to
komplotar plot, plan, conspire
kompostar set up in type
kompozar compose
komprar buy
komprenar understand
kompresar compress
kompromisar compromise
komto count, earl
komuna common
komunikar communicate
kono cone
koncentrar (tr) to concentrate
konceptar conceive
koncernar concern, relate or belong to
koncertar give a concert
koncesar concede
koncesionar grant a concession
konciar be conscious of
koncienco conscience
konciliar conciliate
konciza concise
kondemnar condemn
kondensar (tr) to condense
kondicionar stipulate, put conditions on
kondimento condiment
kondolar condole with
konduktar conduct
konduktoro guard, conductor
kondutar behave, conduct oneself
konektar connect
konferar confer
konfesar confess
konfidar confide, entrust
konfidencar tell in confidence
konfirmar confirm
konfiskar confiscate
konfitar preserve (fruits in sugar)
konfliktar (be in) conflict
konforma conforming
konfrontar confront
konfundar confuse, confound
konfuza confused, jumbled together, indistinct
kongresar hold a congress
konifera coniferous
konjektar conjecture
konjelar congeal, freeze
konjugar conjugate, inflect a verb
konjunciono conjunction (grammar)
konko sea shell
konkluzar conclude
konkordar agree, be in harmony, concord with
konkreta concrete
konkurencar compete, be in competition with
konkursar take part in a competition, contest
konocar know, be acquainted with (NB not a fact)
konquestar conquer
konsakrar dedicate, consecrate
konsentar consent (to)
konsequar follow, result, be consequent on
konservar conserve
konsiderar consider
konsilar advise, counsel
konsistar consist (ek, en)
konsolo console
konsolacar console, comfort a person
konsonanto consonant
konspirar conspire
konstanta constant
konstatar establish, substantiate, attest, state
konstitucar constitute
konstituciono constitution (general state of an organism)
konstriktar constrict
konstruktar construct, build
konsultar consult
konsumar consume
kontar count
kontaktar contact
kontaminar contaminate
kontemplar contemplate
kontenar contain
kontenta content, happy, satisfied
kontestar contest, dispute, call into question
kontinento continent
kontigenta contigent
kontinua continuous
kontoro office
kontrabandar smuggle
kontrafaktar counterfeit
kontraktar contract
kontrastar contrast
kontratar make a contract
kontre against
kontredicar contradict
kontributar contribute
kontrolar control by checking, check
kontroversar engage in controversy
konvektar transfer, move by means of convection
konvenar be convenient
konvencionar make an agreement, agree on a convention
konvergar converge
konversar converse
konvertar convert
konvinkar convince
konvulsar convulse, have a convulsion
konyako cognac
kooperar cooperate
koordinar coordinate
kopiar copy
koquar cook
koro choir
koram in the presence of, before
korbo basket
kordo line, cord, rope
kordio heart
kordono short cord or ribbon
Korea Korea
korekta correct
korelatar correlate
korento (electric) current
korespondar correspond
koridoro corridor
korinto currant
korko cork
korno horn (of animals, musical)
korodar corrode
korpo body
korporaciono corporation
korpulenta corpulent, stout
korto court, courtyard
koruptar corrupt
kosmo cosmos
kosmetiko cosmetics
kosmologio cosmology
kosmopolita cosmopolitan
kostumo costume
kotleto cutlet, chop
kotono cotton
kovar hatch, incubate, brood over
kovrar cover
kozo thing
krabo crab
krakar (intr) to crack
krampono cramp-iron, crampon
krano crane (machine)
kratero crater
krayono crayon, pencil
krear create
kredar believe
kreditar credit
kremo cream
kremacar cremate
kreola creole
krepuskulo twilight
kreso (water-)cress
kreskar grow
krespo pancake
kresto crest, top, ridge
kreto chalk
krevar burst
kreveto shrimp
kriar scream, cry out
kriko lifting jack
kriketo cricket
kriminar commit a crime
krino hair (of an animal's mane or tail)
kripla crippled
kriptografar write in secret code
Kristo Christ
kriterio criterion
kritikar criticize
krizo crisis
kroasar croak, caw
Kroatia Croatia
krokodilo crocodile
kromo chrome, chromium
krono crown
kronika chronic
kroniko chronicle
kronologio chronology
krozar cruise
kruco cross
krucho pitcher, jug
kruda crude
kruela cruel
krular collapse, tumble down
krumplar crumple
kruro thigh
krusto crust
kuafar hairdress
Kuba Cuba
kubo cube
kudo elbow
kuglo bullet
kuko cake
kukumbro cucumber
kukulo cuckoo
kukurbito pumpkin
kulbutar somersault
kulco gnat, midge
kuliero spoon
kulminar culminate
kulpar commit a fault
kultar worship
kultelo knife
kultivar cultivate
kulturo culture
kun with
kunexistar coexist
kunfederar confederate
kunfuzar blend, fuse together
kunhabitar cohabit
kuniklo rabbit
kunlaborar collaborate
kunsidar hold a sitting, session, meeting
kuntexto context
kuntrompo collusion, cheating
kunvenar convene
kunvokar summon, convoke
kupo cup (as for prize)
kuplar couple, link together
kupono coupon
kupro copper
kurar run
kuracar treat a patient
kurajar be courageous
kuriero courier
kurioza curious
kurso course
kursiva cursive, running, italic (script)
kurta short, brief
kurteno curtain
kurva curved, bent, crooked
kuseno cushion
kushar (tr) to put to bed, k su to go to bed
kustar cost
kustumar do something customarily, be in the habit of
kuvo tub
kuverto envelope
kuzo cousin
la the
labio lip
labirinto labyrinth
laborar work
laboratorio laboratory
laco lace (as of a shoe)
lacerar lacerate, tear
lacerto lizard
lado tin
lago lake
laika lay
lakrimo tear
lakto milk
lakuno blank space, gap
lamo thin plate, sheet (of metal)
lamentar lament, mourn
lampo lamp
lano wool
lanco lance, spear
lando country, land
lango tongue
langusto lobster
lansar fling, hurl, throw out or forward
lanterno lantern
lapido precious stone
lardo bacon
larja wide, broad
lasar let, allow, permit
lasta last
latenta latent
latero side
latina Latin
latitudo latitude
latrino water-closet, latrine
latugo lettuce
latuno brass
latva Latvian, Latvia Latvia
laudar praise, laud
lauta loud
lavar wash
laxa loose, slack, lax
le the (plural: used only when there is no other sign of plurality)
leciono lesson
leda ugly
ledro leather
lego law
legendo legend
legiono legion
legitima legitimate
legumo vegetable
lejera light
lekar lick
lektar read
lektoro lecturer
lenso lens
lenta slow
leono lion
leporo hare
lernar learn
letargio lethargy
letro letter
leukemio leukaemia
levar lift
levero lever
lexiko lexicon, dictionary
lezar injure, hurt, wrong
li they
libera free
Libia Lybia
libro book
liceo lycee
licencar grant a licence
ligar link, bind, fasten
ligno wood (substance)
likar leak
limako slug
limbo limb
limito limit
limono lemon
limonado lemonade
lineo line
linguo language
linguistiko linguistics
linjo linen
liquida liquid
liquoro liqueur, cordial
listo list
lito bed
litero letter (of the alphabet)
literaturo literature
litoro coast, coastal region, littoral
litro litre
Lituania Lithuania
livar leave
livrar deliver
lo it (abstract, refering to the contents of a previous statement)
logiko logic
lojar lodge, live, dwell for a limited time
lojio box, lodge
loko place, location
lokacar hire, rent, lease
lokomoco locomotion
lokomotivo locomotive
lombardo pawnshop
lombriko earthworm
loncho slice (of bread), chop (of meat)
longa long
longtitudo longtitude
lor at the time of
loto lot, portion, share
lotriar draw lots, hold a lottery
loyala loyal
lu he or she
lucida lucid, clear, sane
ludar play (game)
lugar let (out), rent, hire (out)
luktar wrestle, grapple
lumar shine, emit light
luno moon
lundio Monday
lupo magnifying glass
lutro otter
luxo luxury
Luxemburgia Luxemburg
luxurio lust, lewdness, lechery
ma but
madyaro Magyar
maestro maestro
mayo May
magazino warehouse, storehouse
magiar practise magic
magneto magnet
magra lean, meagre
mahogono mahogony
maishar mash (potatoes)
maizo corn, maize
majesto majesty
majora of full age, legal age
majoritato majority
makaronio macaroni
makrelo mackerel
makulo stain, blotch
makulatoro waste paper
mala bad
malada ill
maledikar curse
malgre despite, in spite of, ke (al)though
malico malice, spite, mischievousness
maligna malicious, pernicious
mamo breast
mamifero mammal
mancho long handle
mandarino mandarin orange
mandato money order
mandelo almond
mango mango
manio mania
maniero manner, way
manifestar manifest
maniko sleeve
manipular manipulate
manjar eat
mankar be missing, lacking
manoto handcuff
manovrar maneuver
mansheto cuff
mantelo cloak
mantenar maintain
manuo hand
manufaktoro factory
manuskripto manuscript
mapo map
maro sea
marchar walk
marchandar bargain for, haggle
marcipano marzipan
mardio Tuesday
mareo tide
mariajar (tr) to marry
marjino margin
marko stamp, mark, token
marmito pot (for boiling)
Maroko Morocco
Marso Mars
marsho marsh
marto March
martelo hammer
martiro martyr
marvelo marvel, wonder
maso mass (of a body)
masakrar massacre
mashino machine
masiva massive, bulky
maskar mask
maskula masculine
masokismo masochism
mastikar chew
mastro master
matematiko mathematics
materio matter, material
matino morning
matro mother
matura mature
maxim most
mayo May
mayuskulo capital letter
me I, me
meceno patron (of the arts)
mecho wick
medalio medal
medio medium
mediacar mediate
mediato intermediate, not direct or immediate
medicino medecine
mediko doctor (medical)
meditar meditate, think over
Mediteraneo Mediterranean
mekaniko mechanics
mekanismo mechanism
melkar milk
melodio melody
melono melon
mem even
membro member
memorar remember, have a memory of
memorando memorandum
menajo housekeeping
mencionar mention
mento mind
mentiar lie
mentono chin
menuo menu
meritar deserve, merit
merkar mark, impress on one's memory
merkato market
merkurdio Wednesday
meso mass (religious)
mesajo message
meskina narrow, mean (interests)
mestiero trade, occupation or business
metar put on (clothing)
metafiziko metaphysics
metaforo metaphor
metalo metal
meteoro meteor
meteorologio meteorology
metodo method
metro metre
Mexikia Mexico
mezo middle
mezurar measure
miaular miaou, mew as a cat
mielo honey
mieno mien, looks, countenance
migrar migrate
mikra small
mikrofono microphone
mikroskopo microscope
mil thousand
milio mile
miliardo 1000 millions
milimetro millimetre
miliono million
militar militate, make war
mimar mimic, express by dumb show
min less
minar mine, undermine
minacar threaten, menace
mineralo mineral
minim least
ministerio ministry
ministro minister
minora minor, underage
minoritato minority
minto mint
minus minus
minuskulo small letter
minuto minute
miopa shortsighted
miraklo miracle
misiono mission
misterio mystery
mistiko mystic
mito myth
mitologio mythology
mixar mix
mizerar be in misery
moblo piece of furniture
modo mode, fashion, style
modelo model, standard
moderar moderate
moderna modern
modesta modest
modifikar modify
mokar laugh at, deride, mock
mola soft
molekulo molecule
molestar molest
momento moment
monako monk
monarko monarch
monarkio monarchy
monato month
mondo world
moneto currency, cash, coin
monologo monologue
monopolo monopoly
monotona monotone, monotonous
monstro monster
monto mountain
montrar show
monumento monument
mori manners, habits, moral conduct
morbo disease
mordar bite
moruo cod
mortar die
moskito mosquito
moto motto
motivo motive, reason
motoro motor
movar move
moyeno means
muelar mill, grind
muevo (sea)gull
mujar roar, bellow
multa many, much
multiplikar multiply
muliero woman
muro wall
murmurar murmur
muso mouse
musho fly
muskulo muscle
mustar must, to have to
mustardo mustard
muta dumb, mute
mutilar mutilate
mutono sheep, ram, ewe (-ul/in)
mutuala mutual
muzeo museum
muzikar play music
naciono nation
naiva naive
nam since, for, as, because
nano dwarf
naracar narrate, tell a true story
naskar be born
natar swim
natro sodium
naturo nature
naufrajar be shipwrecked
nauzear feel nauseated, nauseous, sick
navo ship
navigar navigate
nazo nose
ne not (negative adverb)
nebular be foggy, misty, hazy
nebuloso nebula
necesa necessary
Nederlando Netherlands
negar negate
negativo negative (math, photo, elec)
neglijar neglect
negociar negociate
negra negro
nek nek neither nor
neologismo neologism
neono neon
nepoto grandchild (-ul/in)
nervo nerve
nesto nest
neta clean, neat, tidy
neutra neutral
nevo nephew, niece (-ul/in)
nevroso neurosis
ni we, us
Nigeria Nigeria
nigra black
nihilo nothing, something nonexistent, nonentity
Nikaragua Nicaragua
nivar snow
nivelo level
no no
nobela noble (by birth)
nobla noble (morally)
nocar harm, injure, hurt
nociono notion
nodo knot
noktar be night(time)
nomar name, call by name, say the name of
nombro number
nominar nominate
nominativo nominative
non nine
nordo north
normo norm, standard
Norvegia Norway
notar note
notifikar notify
nova new
novelo short story, novelette
novembro November
novico novice
nu now!, well! (interjection)
nuanco nuance
nubo cloud
nuco nut, walnut
nuda nude, naked, bare
nula no, not any, none
numero number (in sequence)
nun now
nur only
nutrar nourish, feed, sustain
o(d) or
oaziso oasis
obcena obscene
obediar obey
obeza obese
objecionar object, make an objection
objekto object
obligar oblige
obliterar obliterate
obliviar forget
obsedar obsess
observar observe
observatorio observatory
obskura obscure
obsoleta obsolete
obstaklo obstacle
obstinar be obstinate
obstruktar obstruct
obtenar obtain
obtuza obtuse
oceano ocean
ociar be idle, unoccupied
ocidar kill
ocidento occident
ocilar oscillate
ocitar yawn
od see o(d)
odiar hate, detest
odorar have a smell or scent
ofensar offend
ofico office
oficiro officer
ofrar offer
ofte often
ogro ogre
ok eight
okaziono occasion, opportunity
oktobro October
okulo eye
okupar occupy
ol(u) it
olda old
oleo oil
olim formerly
ombro shade, shadow
olivo olive
omisar omit
omleto omelette
omna all, every
on(u) one, people in general, “you”
ondo wave
onklo uncle, aunt (-ul/in)
onyono onion
opaka opaque
opero opera
operacar operate
opinionar hold an opinion, opine
oportar be necessary, required (impersonal verb)
oportuna opportune, timely
opozar oppose
opresar oppress
optimismo optimism, optimisto optimist
or well, now (in argument)
oro gold
oranjo orange
orbito orbit
ordinar order, put, arrange in order
ordinara ordinary
orelo ear
orfano orphan
organo organ (not musical)
organismo organism
orgeno organ (musical)
oriento orient
origino origin
orkestro orchestra
ornar adorn, embellish
ornamento ornament
ornitologio ornithology
ortodoxa orthodox
ortografio orthography
osto bone
ostentar be ostentatious, show off
ostro oyster
otuso common, long-eared owl
ovo egg
ovala oval
oxigeno oxygen
ozono ozone
pacar be at peace
pacienta patient
Pacifiko Pacific (ocean)
padelo frying pan
padloko padlock
pafar shoot, fire (firearms)
pagar pay
pagino page
pako package, parcel
paktar make a pact
pala pale
palaco palace
palio straw
paliso stake, picket (as of a fence)
palmo palm (tree, of a hand)
palpar feel (about)
pamfleto pamphlet
pano bread
Panama Panama
panoramo panorama
pantalono trousers
papero paper
papiliono butterfly
para even, equal
paradar parade
paradizo paradise
paradoxo paradox
parafrazar paraphrase
paragrafo paragraph
Paraguay Paraguay
paralela parallel
paralizar paralyze
parapluvo umbrella
parasuno parasol
paravento windscreen
parcelo patch of land
pardonar pardon, forgive
parenta related, of the same family
parentezo parenthesis
parfumo perfume
parko park
parlamento parliament
parolar speak, talk
parto part
partenero partner
partio party (for amusement)
participo participle
partikulo particle
partikulara particular
partiso party (political)
parturar give birth, bear a child
pasar pass
pasabla passable, tolerable, fair
pasajar take passage, be a passenger
pasiono passion
pasiva passive
pasko Easter
pasporto passport
pasto paste, dough
pasteto pie, pasty
patento patent
patro father
patrio fatherland
patriota patriotic
patrono patron
pauzar pause
pavo paving stone
pavorar be afraid of, in fear of
pazar step
peco piece
pedo foot, -fingro toe
pedanta pedantic
pejorativa pejorative
pekar sin
pektar comb
pektoro chest, breast
pekunio money
pelo skin, hide
penar take pains, take the trouble to do something
pendar hang
pendulo pendulum
penetrar penetrate
pensar think
pensionar pension
pento (downward) slope
penvalorar be worthwhile
per by, by means of
perceptar perceive
perdar lose
perfekta perfect
perimetro perimeter
periodo period
perisar perish
perjurar perjure
perlo pearl
permanar be permanent
permear permeate
permisar permit
permutar permute
perpetua perpetual
persekutar persecute
persequar pursue
perseverar persevere
persiko peach
persistar persist
persono person
perspektivo perspective
persuadar persuade
perturbar perturb
Peru Peru
perversa perverse
pesimismo pessimism
peskar fish, angle
pesto pestilence, plague
petalo petal
petro stone (substance)
petrolo petrol
pezar weigh (be so and so heavy)
piano piano
pikar prick, prod
pilo hair (of animals), body and facial hair (of persons)
pilotar pilot
pino pine tree
pinglo pin
pinguino penguin
pinselo artist's brush
pinto point, sharp end
pipo pipe (for tobacco)
pipro pepper
piro pear
piramido pyramid
pistolo pistol
pivoto pivot
pizo pea
placo place, square
plado plate
plafono ceiling
plajo beach
plana plane, level, flat
planeto planet
planto plant
plantacar plant
plaso place (for something or someone)
plastika plastic
plastro (sticking) plaster
plata flat, having an even surface
platformo platform
platino platinum
plear play (musical instrument, role)
pledar plead
plektar weave, plait, interlace
plena full
plendar complain
pleto tray
plezar please
plezuro pleasure
plombo lead
plorar cry, weep
plu more
plubonigar improve
plugar plough
plumo feather
plunjar plunge, duck, dive
plura several
plus(e) further(more), in addition
plusquamperfekto pluperfect
pluvar rain
pneumatika pneumatic
po at the rate of
pociono potion
poemo poem
poeto poet
poezio poetry
poka few, little
polo pole
polemikar carry on a polemic
poleno pollen
polico police
poligono polygon
polisar polish
polita polite
politekniko polytechnic
politiko politics
Polonia Poland, polona Polish
poltrona cowardly
polutar pollute
polvo dust
pomo apple
ponderar weigh (something)
poniardo dagger
ponto bridge
populo people
populara popular
por for, in favour of, in order to
poro pore
porcelano porcelain
porciono portion, ration, share
pordo door
porko pig
portar carry, wear
portfolio portfolio
portreto portrait
portuo port
pos after
posdimezo afternoon
posedar possess
posho pocket
posibla possible
posmorge the day after tomorrow
posskribajo postscript
posto post, mail
posteno post, place to guard
postular postulate, require
posturar assume an attitude, pose
poto pot
potenco power (mathematics)
potenciala potential, possible
potenta potent
povar can, to be able to
povra poor
pozar put
poziciono position
pozitiva positive
pragmato a matter of fact, reality
praktikar practise
prato meadow
preavo grandparent (-ul/in)
preco price
precedar precede
precipua main, principal
preciza precise
predicar predict, foretell
predikar preach
prefaco preface
preferar prefer
prefixo prefix
pregar pray, beg, ask somebody to do something
prehiere the day before yesterday
preirar precede, go before
prekoca precocious, early, ripe before the proper season
preliminara preliminary
premio prize
prenar take
prenomo forename
preparar prepare
prepoziciono preposition
presar press, press upon
preske almost
preskriptar prescribe
prestar lend, loan
prestijo prestige
pretendar lay claim to
preter past, from one side to the other past a certain object
preterito preterit(e), past tense
pretextar allege (as a pretext), pretend, feign
preurbo suburb
prevalorar prevail
preventar prevent
previdar foresee
prezenta present, not absent
prezervar preserve
prezidar preside over
pri about, concerning
prima primary, not derived
primara primary, elementary, first or lowest in order
primitiva primitive
princo prince
principo principle
printempo spring
priora prior
privacar deprive, take from
privata private
privilejo privilege
prizar like, prize, value
prizentar present
pro because of
probar try, test
probabla probable
problemo problem
procedar proceed
procento percentage
procesionar make a procession
prodigar lavish, be unsparing of
produktar produce
profesar profess
profesiono profession
profesoro professor
profeto prophet
profitar profit (from)
profunda deep, profound
programo program(me)
progresar progress
projektar project
projetar plan, scheme, form a project
proklamar proclaim
prologo prologue
prolongar prolong
promenar walk, stroll
promisar promise
promocar promote (to a higher office)
pronomo pronoun
pronta ready
pronuncar pronounce
propagar propagate, spread diffuse
proporciono proportion
propozar propose
propra own, proper, peculiar to
proprietar own
propulsar propel
proskribar proscribe, outlaw
prosperar prosper
proteino protein
protektar protect
protestar protest
protestanta protestant
protokolo protocol, minutes of a meeting
proverbo proverb
provinco province
provizar provide
provizora provisional
provokar provoke
proxim near
prozo prose
prudenta prudent
pruno plum, prune
pruntar borrow
pruritar itch
pruvar prove
pseudonimo pseudonym
psiko the conscious, the knowing mind
psikiatrio psychiatry
psikologo psychologist, psikologio psychology
publika public
pudorar feel a natural shame, modesty
pudro powder
puero child (-ul/in)
pugno fist
pulmono lung
pulsar push
pultro poultry
pulvero powder (general)
pumpar pump
pundo pound sterling
punisar punish
punto point, dot, position, period, full stop
pupeo doll, puppet
pupilo pupil (of eye)
pura pure
purgar purge
purpura purple
puso pus
puteo well (hole for water)
putrar putrify, rot
qua who, what, which (person)
quo what, which (thing, fact)
quadrata square
quala what kind of
qualifikar qualify
quankam (al)though (= malgre ke)
quanta how many
quar four
quaranteno quarantine
quartero quarter, district, section of city
quaze as it were
querar fetch
questionar question, ask questions of
qui who, what, which (plural)
quieta quiet, peaceful, tranquil
quik straight away, just about to
rabatar reduce in price
raboto plane (tool)
raciono reason, power of understanding
radaro radar
radiar radiate, emit rays or beams
radioaktiva radioactive
radiko root
radotar be in one's dotage, talk drivel
rafinar refine
raketo racket (as for tennis)
rakontar tell a (fictional) story
ramo small bough, twig
rampo (upward) slope
rano frog
rango row, tier, range, rank
rapida fast, quick, rapid
raportar report
raptar seize by violence
rara rare
raso race, breed
raspar rasp, grate
rato rat
ratifikar ratify
ravisar ravish
razar shave
reaktar react
reaktoro reactor
reala real
rebela rebel, rebellious
recensar review (a book)
recenta recent
recepto recipe
recevar receive
reciproka reciprocal
recitar recite
reda red
redaktar draw up (a document), edit (a newspaper)
reduktar reduce
referar refer (to)
reflektar reflect
reformar reform
refujar take, seek refuge
refutar refute
refuzar refuze
regardar look at
regenerar regenerate
regiono region
registro register
regnar reign
regresar regress
regretar regret
regular regulate
rejo king, queen (-ul/in)
rejimo regime
reklamar advertize (loudly)
rekoltar harvest
rekomendar recommend
rekompensar recompense, reward, remunerate
rekrutar recruit
rekta straight
rektangulo rectangle
rektifikar rectify
rektoro rector
rekuperar recuperate, recover
rekursar have recourse to
relo rail, -voyo railway
relatar relate (to)
relegar relegate
religio religion
remarkar remark, notice
remediar remedy
remorkar tow, tug, drag
remplasar replace
reno kidney
rendevuo rendezvous
renesanco renaissance
renkontrar meet (with), encounter
rento income, rent
renuncar renounce
renversar overthrow, upset
reparar repair
repartisar divide in due proportion, share out
repasar iron
repastar have a meal
repentar repent
repetar repeat
replikar reply
repozar rest, repose
represar repress
reprezentar represent
reprochar reproach
reptar crawl, creep
republiko republic
repugnar have or inspire a repugnance towards
repulsar repel
reputar repute, deem
resortisar be under the jurisdiction of
respektar respect
respirar respire, breathe
respondar respond
responsar be responsible for
restar remain, be left
restaurar restore
restorar take refreshments
restriktar restrict
reto net, mesh, network
retenar retain
retoriko rhetoric
retraktar retract
retretar retreat
retro back(wards)
revar daydream
revelar reveal
revenuo revenue, income
reverso reverse, back side of anything
revizar revise
revoltar revolt, rise in revolt
revolucionar revolutionize
revolvero revolver
revuar review
reza even, level with
rezervar reserve
rezidar reside
reziduo residue
rezignar be resigned, feel resignation
rezistar resist
rezolvar resolve
rezonar reason, apply one's reason
rezultar result
rezumar sum up, recapitulate
ribo currant
richa rich
ridar laugh
rigida rigid
riglo bolt
rigoro rigour
rikonocar recognize, know again
rimo rhyme
rimborsar reimburse
rimemorar remember, recollect
rimeno strap, belt
ringo ring
rinocero rhinoceros
rinsar rinse
riskar risk, take a risk
rispektiva respective
ritmo rhythm
rituo rite, ritual
rivo shore, beach, bank (of a river)
rivala rival
rivero river
riveto rivet
rividar see again
rivivigar revive
rizo rice
robo robe, dress
robineto tap
rodar gnaw at
roko rock, boulder
rolo role
romano novel
romantika romantic
ronda round
ronkar snore
roso dew
rostar roast
roto wheel
rotacar rotate
rozo rose
rubando ribbon, tape
rubriko rubric
ruda rude, rough, uncultured, uneducated
ruinar ruin
rular roll
Rumania Romania
rumoro rumour
ruptar break, rupture
ruro country (as opposed to town)
Rusia Russia, rusa Russian
rusto rust
rutino routine, habit
ruzar use cunning, artifice
sablo sand
sabro sabre, broadsword
sacerdoto priest
saciar give a bare sufficiency, bare minimum to
sagaca sagacious
Sahara Sahara
saja wise
sako bag, sack, pouch
sakra sacred
sakrifikar sacrifice, make offerings
salo salt
salado salad
salariar pay a salary to
saldar settle with
saliar jut out, project
salmono salmon
salono saloon, drawing room
saltar jump, leap, hop
salutar greet, salute
sama same
sana healthy
sango blood
sandwicho sandwich
santa holy, saintly
sapono soap
saporar have a certain flavour
sarko coffin
sarkasmo sarcasm
sat(e) enough
satelito satellite
satino satin
satiro satire
satisfacar satisfy
saturar saturate, fill to completest fullness
saturdio Saturday
sauco sauce
savar know (a fact)
saxofono saxophone
se if (not “whether”)
seciono section
sediciar mutiny, riot
sedimento sediment, grounds, dregs
seduktar seduce
segar saw
seglo sail
segmento segment
segun according to
sejornar sojourn, remain for some time at a place
sekar cut, make a surface cut in
sekrecar secrete
sekreta secret
sekretario secretary
sekto sect
sektoro sector
sekundo second (unit of time)
sekundara secondary
selo saddle
selektar choose, select
semar sow, scatter
semano week
semantiko semantics
semblar seem
semino seed
sempre always (= omnatempe)
sen without
senato senate
senco sense, meaning
sencesa neverending, incessant
sensuala sensual
sentar feel (a sensation)
sentimento sentiment
senvalora worthless
sep seven
separar separate
septembro September
sepultar entomb, bury (dead body)
sequar follow
Serbia Serbia
serchar look for, search (for)
serio series
serioza serious
serpento serpent, snake
seruro lock
servar serve
sesiono session, sitting
severa severe, harsh
sexuo sex
sezono season
sfero sphere
shablono pattern
shako chess piece, -ludo chess game
skakto pit, shaft
shalo shawl
shamar be ashamed
shancelar stagger
sharko shark
sharpo scarf
shelo shell, peel, rind
shikanar quibble, prolong a contest by shifts, subterfuges
shildo shield
shinko ham
shirmar shelter, shield, screen
shokar shock
shovelo shovel
shuo shoe
shultro shoulder
sidar sit
siflar whistle
sigaro cigar
siglar seal, to affix a mark of authenticity
signo sign
signatar sign
signifikar mean, signify
sika dry
silabo syllable
silencar be silent, not make a noise
silko silk
simbolo symbol
simetra symmetrical
simfonio symphony
simila similar, like
simpatiar sympathize (with)
simpla simple
simptomo symptom
simular simulate
sino intimate place, internal part, bosom, heart (of an organization)
sincera sincere
singla each, every single
singlutar sob
singulara singular
sinioro lord, lady, highness (-ul/in)
sinistro left(-hand)
sinkar sink
sinonima synonymous
sinso direction (one way)
sintaxo syntax
sintezar synthesize
sioro sir or madam, Mr, Mrs, Miss (-ul/in)
sireno siren
sis six
sisar hiss
sismo earthquake
sistemo system
sitelo pail, bucket
situar place, locate, situate
sivo sieve
sive whether, either
sizar seize
skalo ladder
skandalar scandalize
Skandinavia Scandinavia
skarsa scarce
skemo scheme, plan, outline
skeptika sceptic(al)
skio ski
skisar sketch
skismo schism
skizofrenio schizophrenia
sklavo slave
skopo aim, purpose
Skotia Scotland, skota Scottish
skrapar scrape
skreno screen
skribar write
skrubo screw
skultar sculpture
slango slang
slavo Slav
Slovakia Slovakia
sluzo sluice, lock
smeraldo emerald
sobra moderate in food and drink
socio society (in general)
sociologo sociologist, sociologio sociology
sociso sausage
sofao sofa
sokursar come to someone's aid
sola alone, sole
soldar solder
soldato soldier
solena solemn
solida solid
solidara jointly responsible or liable
solitara solitary
solvar solve
somero summer
somnolar be sleepy, drowsy
sonar sound, emit a sound
sondar sound, take soundings to ascertain depth
sonjar dream
sonora sonorous, resonant
sorcar practise sorcery
sordida sordid
sorgar care for, take care of
sorto sort
sospirar sigh
sovaja savage, wild
spaco space
sparar economize, save
speco species, kind
specimeno specimen
spegulo mirror
spektar watch, spectate
spektaklo spectacle, performance
spektro spectrum
spekular speculate
spensar spend
spico spice
spino spine, backbone
spionar spy
spiralo spiral
splendida splendid
spoliar despoil, pillage, sack, plunder
sponjo sponge
spontana spontaneous
sporto sport
spozo spouse, husband, wife (-ul/in)
spricar spout, gush forth
spumo loam, froth
sputar spit (out)
stabo staff (collection of personnel)
stabila stable
stablo stable (for animals)
stacar stand
staciono station
stadio stadium
stagnar stagnate
stalo steel
stampar stamp, imprint on surface
stano tin (metal)
standar be in a certain state
standardo standard, ensign
stango bar, rod (of wood or metal)
starchar starch
startar start, set going
stato state (political)
statistiko statistic(s)
statuo statue
statuto statute
stelo star
stenografar take shorthand
stereofonio stereophony
stereotipar stereotype
sterila sterile
sterko dung
sternutar sneeze
stifa step- (relationship)
stilo style
stimular stimulate
stoko stock
stomako stomach
stono stone, pebble
stoterar stutter
strado street
strangular strangle
stranja strange
stranjera foreign
strato layer, stratum
strategio strategy
streko stroke, dash
streta narrow
strio stripe
strikar go on strike
strikta strict
stroko stroke
strukturo structure
studento student
studiar study
stulo chair
stulta foolish, silly
stupida stupid
sturmar be stormy
su himself, herself (reflexive pronoun)
sub under
subisar undergo
subita sudden
subjekto subject
subjuntivo subjunctive
submersar submerge
submisar submit
subsidiar subsidize
substanco substance
substantivo substantive
substitucar substitute
subtila subtle
sucedar succeed, come after
sucesar succeed, be successful
suciar worry, be concerned about
sudo south
Sudan Sudan
sudoro sweat
Suedia Sweden, sueda Swedish
suficar suffice, be enough
sufixo suffix
suflar blow
sufokar suffocate
sufrar suffer
sugar suck
sugestar suggest
Suisia Switzerland, suisa Swiss
suko juice
sukombar succomb
sukro sugar
sukusar cause violent vibrations in, shake
sulo soil
sulko furrow
sumo sum, amount
sumnar summon
suno sun
sundio Sunday
suocidar commit suicide
suolo sole (of shoe)
supo soup
supear take supper
super over, above (not in contact with)
superba conceited, supercilious
superflua superfluous
superiora superior
suplantar supplant
suplear make up for (a deficiency), take the place of someone
suplemento supplement
suportar support, bear the weight of
supozar suppose
supre on top, above
supresar suppress
sur on, upon
surda deaf
surfaco surface
surnomo surname
surprizar surprize, take by surprize
surveyar look after, watch over
suskriptar subscribe, contribute a definite sum to an undertaking
suspektar suspect
suspendar suspend
sustenar sustain
sustracionar subtract
susurar whisper
sutar sew
suveniro souvenir
suverena sovereign
ta that
tabako tobacco
tabelo table, flat surface for writing
tablo table
tacar say nothing about, pass over in silence
takto sense of feeling, touch
taktiko tactic
tala such (a), that kind of
talento talent
taliar cut out, carve, trim
talioro tailor
talono heel
talpo mole
tam as, so
tamburo drum
tamen nevertheless
tanko tank
tanta so many, that quantity of
tapiso carpet
tarda late
tarifo tariff, customs duty
tarto tart
taso cup
tasko task
tauro bull
tautologio tautology
taverno tavern, public house
taxar tax, assess for tax
tayo waist
teo tea
teatro theatre
tedar bore
tegulo (roof) tile
tekniko technics
teknologio technology
tekto roof
telo linen cloth or fabric, araneo- spider's web
telefonar telephone
telegrafar telegraph
telegramo telegram
telekomuniko telecommunications
telepatio telepathy
teleskopo telescope
televiziono television
temo theme, subject
tempo time
temperaturo temperature
tempestar storm; blow a gale
templo temple
tenar hold
tenaca tenacious
tendo tent
tendencar tend
tenebro darkness, gloom
teniso tennis
tensar stretch
tentar tempt
tenua tenuous, thin
teologio theology
teoremo theorem
tepida tepid
tero earth
terapio therapy
teraso terrace
tereno terrain
teritorio territory
termino term
termometro thermometer
termostato thermostat
terorar be terrified
terpomo potato
testo witness
testamentar make one's will
texar weave
texto text
tezo thesis
tigro tiger
til till, until
timar fear
timida timid
tineo (clothes) moth
tintar dye
tipo type
tirar pull, draw
tirano tyrant
titilar tickle, titillate
titulo title
to that (thing)
tolerar tolerate
tomo tome, volume
tomato tomato
tono tone
tondrar thunder
tonika tonic
tonsilo tonsil
tordar twist
torento torrent
tormentar torment, torture
torpedo torpedo
torto pie (English sense)
tortugo tortoise
tostar toast, raise a toast to
tota whole, all of
toxika toxic, poisonous
tra through
trabo beam, girder
traco trace
tradicionar hand down by tradition
tradukar translate
trafiko traffic
tragedio tragedy
trahizar betray
traito feature, characteristic, trait
traktar treat
tramo tram
tranchar cut, carve off
tranquila tranquil
trans across, to the other side of
transferar transfer
transformar transform
translacar translate, shift from one place to another
transparar shine through, glimmer
transpirar transpire
transportar transport
trapezo trapese, trapezium
traurar mourn, be in mourning
tre very
treno train
tresayar (intr) to give a start, be startled, (feel a) thrill
trezoro treasure
tri three
tribuo tribe
tribunalo tribunal
tributar pay tribute
trilogio trilogy
trista sad
triumfar triumph
triviala trivial
tro too
troleo trolley
trompar deceive
trono throne
trotuaro pavement, sidewalk
trovar find
truo hole
trublar trouble
trumpeto trumpet
trupo troop, band
truto trout
tu you (sing familiar)
tualetar make one's toilet
tubo tube, pipe
tuko towel, piece of cloth
tulipo tulip
tumultar raise a tumult, disturbance, uproar
tuno tune
tunelo tunnel
Tunizia Tunisia
turo tour
turbo crowd
Turkia Turkey, turka Turkish
turmo tower
turnar turn
tusar cough
tushar touch
ube where
ucelo bird
ula some (indefinite quantity)
ulmo elm
ultra beyond, further, additional
un one
unanima unanimous
unglo nail, claw, talon
uniforma uniform
unika unique
unionar unite
universo universe
universitato university
unlatera unilateral
unsenca monosignificant, unambiguous
Uruguay Uruguay
urbo town, city
urino urine
urjar urge, be urgent
urso bear
Usa USA (United States of America)
utensilo utensil, tool
utila useful
utopio utopia
uzar use
vagar wander
vagono railway carriage, car
vakar be vacant
vakancar take a holiday
vakua empty
valo vale, valley
valida valid
valorar have value, be valuable
vampiro vampire
vana vain, fruitless
vango cheek
vanilo vanilla
vanitato vanity
vaporo vapour, steam
varo ware(s), goods
variar vary
varma warm, hot
varsar pour out
vartar wait
vasta vast, extensive
vaxo wax
vazo vase
vehar travel, go about in any sort of vehicle
veino vein, seam
vejetar vegetate
vejetarar be vegetarian
vekar wake
velo veil
veluro velvet
venar come
vendar sell
veneno poison
venerdio Friday
Venezuela Venezuela
venjar avenge, take revenge on
ventar blow, be windy
ventilar ventilate
ventro stomach, belly
vera true
verbo verb
verda green
verdikto verdict
verifikar verify
verko work (of art)
vermo worm
verniso varnish
vers towards
verso verse
versiono version
vertikala vertical
vertuo virtue
vervo verve
vespero evening
vespertilio bat
vesto garment, piece of clothing
vestibulo hallway, lobby
vetero weather
veturo vehicle
vexar vex, irritate
vi you (pl)
vibrar vibrate
vice instead of, vicee instead
vicio vice, fault of character
vicina neighbouring
vidar see
vidva widowed
vigilar keep a vigil
vigoro vigour
viktimo victim
vilajo village
vino wine
vinagro vinegar
vinkar overcome, conquer
vintro winter
violo violet
violacar violate
violino violin
viro man (male adult human being)
virga virginal
virtuala virtual
viruso virus
vishar wipe off, dry by rubbing
vito vine
vitro glass (substance)
vivar live
vivaca vivacious, lively
vizar aim at
vizajo face (of a person)
vizitar visit
voco voice
vokar call
volar want
volfo wolf
volkano volcano
volumino volume
voluntar volunteer, be willing to do something
volvar roll up, wrap up
vomar vomit
vorto word
votar vote
voyo way, path, road
voyajar travel
vu you (sing)
vulgara vulgar, of the common people
vundar wound
Wals Wales, walsana Welsh
weldar weld
westo west
wiskio whisky
xilofono xylophone
ya indeed, truly (used to lend emphasis to a statement)
yakto yacht
yarcento century
yaro year
ye indefinite preposition, used where no other preposition is appropriate
yen here is, there is, behold!
yes yes
yogurto yoghurt
yuna young
yuro right (legal, moral)
yusta just, fair, equitable, rightful
zebro zebra
zelar be zealous
zero zero, nought
zigzagar zigzag
zinko zinc
zodiako zodiac
zono zone
zoologio zoology
zumar buzz, drone